GitHub is the service we use to store, keep version controls, and track issues in Robot Code. Code is synchronized between multiple programming computers using the GitHub Desktop client. This section goes over both using the GitHub website to create repositories and track issues, as well as using the Desktop client.

GitHub is a website used to host open-source [1] code and enable collaboration between multiple people through a version control software called git. Git is designed so that whenever multiple people make changes to a project from different computers, their changes are (usually, see merging) properly merged back into the same project and stored on GitHub servers. This way multiple people can work on different parts of a project, and can get each others’changes just by hitting the Fetch Origin button.

GitHub also has the ability to let users track bugs and issues, set project goals, and organize differnt parts of a project.

[1]Open Source code is code that is made available to anyone, and usually licensed so anyone can use that code in their own projects