Examples of CommandsΒΆ

  • Climber
    Manual control of a motor that is programmed to never spin backwards.
  • Tank Drive
    A basic tank drive. Left joystick controls the left wheels, right joystick controls the right wheels.
  • Ball Acquisition
    A command that prevents balls from accidentally falling out of a claw using intake wheels.
  • Open and Close a Claw
    Opening or closing a claw using pneumatics.
  • Moving an Elevator Manually
    Raising and lowering an elevator subsystem, in between two limit switches marking the bottom and the top.
  • Driving Forward a Certain Distance
    Accurately driving the robot forwards to a certain distance using encoders and a PIDController.
  • Rotating a Claw both Manually and using Setpoints
    Two commands that interact to give an operator both manual and setpoint control of a rotating claw that can only rotate between two limits in a safe way, using a Potentiometer and a PIDController.